Friday, May 14, 2010

People Hate These Tacos!

Yes they do! Every time I ask someone if they eat tacos de lengua ( beef tongue) they say eeewww no! or that is nasty, and so on. Even people that never tried it before say it is disgusting. I know all you vegetarians  agree, and I know  it does not sound like the most appealing part of a cow, but there is worse.I grew up eating tacos de lengua because my parents would make it a few times a year for special occasions. I used to say the same thing when I was younger, but I used to also hate nopales and lentejas now I absolutely  love them!
I never order tacos de lengua on the street though because I do find it is not as good as making them at home. The street taco meat tends to be chunkier and rubbery from my experience. At home the meat is chopped and garnished with traditional toppings and fresh salsa. 

 Meat ready to be distributed in tortillas de maiz, but first we need to make fresh salsa...

Boil tomatoes, Serrano chilies, garlic, add garlic salt or regular salt blend and you got some tasty fresh salsa

Finished product!

So tell me why you hate tacos de lengua so much? or tell me why you like them so much? I am open to listening to all valid opinions.




coco chappelle said...

i love lengua! and i'm a white girl! i have never had them homemade and i still like them. the brite spot in san pedro makes 'em pretty good.


Doña Junta said...

That is great coco, I will have to try them from Bright Spot n see. Maybe one day you will get to try homemade ones :)

EL CHAVO! said...

Even when I ate meat i hated lengua, probably cuz my mom would boil the lengua whole and plop it on to a plate, from which she would cut slices. Yup, a big ass cow tongue just sorta laughing at you as you slice it up. It still makes me cringe.

Anonymous said...

My sister-in-law in DF, makes pickled calf's tongue that's served cold in canapes and as an hors d'ourve.
They're great, but you can't beat plain old tacos de lengua.
Wondering about tortillas: Seems like flour tortillas are more
common in the northern Mexican states and white and yellow corn (you're using yellow in LA)tortillas are also regional or perhaps it's a matter of personal taste? All three have a good turn-over in the supermarkets where we live in the US. The other day, someone served "enchiladas" made with flour tortillas; isn't that just WRONG?


Doña Junta said...

Arnulfa! love the name lol yeah my parents and myself prefer corn tortillas they are from the Zacatecas area, yellow or white is good, we also use flour, but def for specific foods, man I don't know about flour tortilla enchiladas hell naw!
@ El Chavo lol man I can def understand why you hate lengua lol that does sound a bit vicious! laughing cow I say.

GO BONKERS said...

I personally like tacos de tripas, or cecos.. but lengua is ok.. good pictures though... kinda got me hungry

Anonymous said...

I grew up hating my name, still do, but my cousins Pancracia and Bonifacia have worse


Doña Junta said...

@ Bonkers! omg I never tried cesos! that is brains right? dam i hope they are crispy lol trips are okay they really got to be cooked good, @ Arnulfa haha dam yeah u got luck with that name instead of your cousins lol

MakeOne, The Love Man said...

I love tacos de lengua. There used to be this one spot in GDL where they had tacos de lengua and they called the spot tacos de a mil casue they csoted 1,000 pesos. Those tacos were hella huge.

I think for the most part, tacos de lengua are disliked due mainly to their texture. They can also be a bit greasy if not cleansed properly.

I have, although, kinda tricked people who say they do not like tongue and end up liking it. Mainly cuz the way it was prepared.

I agree - tacos de tripas (have to be hella clean and crispy) and tacos de sesos are hella good too.

But also buche, cabeza, suadero, trompa, cachetes are soooo DAMN good! I have been wanting to try tacos de ojo and i am not referring to when i get a glimpsed of some chicks something eitehr. LOL