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Swapmeet News Briefs

Here are some current events complied regarding crime in Los Angeles and Mexico along with my random rainy day photos. Please feel free to comment because feedback is much appreciated here at Swapmeet Chronicles. Now let us do the dam thing!

The rain has been hitting Los Angeles, however, that makes up for all the drought we had in the past. So enjoy!

The Grim Sleeper

A few years ago the LA Weekly did a series of news stories focusing on a string of murders (mostly women)  that had occurred over a period of 25 years in South Los Angeles. The women  found murdered where mostly Black, and many whom lived the hard life of prostitution. Many of these cases where never reported in the media. The LAPD received much criticism for not ever making the murders public.For many of these victims the cases became cold. Finally after a re-opening of these cases  DNA evidence linked an alleged killer to 10 victims all murdered between 1985 and 2007.  It was not until 2008 that LA Weekly crime reporter  Christine Pelisek started writing and researching the murders and dubbed the killer " Grim Sleeper" because he had taken a 14- year break between murders.  
This story struck me for a couple of reasons. First of all it should the harsh reality of crime that never gets reported especially crime in low-income neighborhoods with the residents being mostly minorities. It almost seemed like most of these women did not matter because of the fact that they were mostly prostitutes and Black. The killer was also very illusive he managed to charm these women and unfortunately they  became vulnerable to him. Here is the original story as read on LA Weekly.

There’s a small room at LAPD headquarters where the public isn’t allowed, where the door is quickly shut to the hall, where arguments erupt and frustrations fester. It’s off-limits to most other detectives, no press allowed. Lest anyone forget, a memo on the wall says so.
The six men inside call themselves the “800 Task Force” even though they no longer occupy Room 800, having moved to a lower floor of Parker Center to make room for a sex-crimes team. Their new room is cramped, the desks piled with mounds of paperwork. What is striking about their space is its main wall, heavily papered with photographs of dead young women.

                              Most of the bodies were found in the same vicinity around South Los Angeles.

July 2010 an arrest was finally made. 
 Lonnie David Franklin Jr was arrested at his home in South LA near Western Ave were most of the murdered bodies were found. The alleged killer was discovered through DNA evidence retrieved from his 28-year-old son. His son had recently gotten arrested and his DNA matched. All new inmates are now required to swab for DNA samples. The DNA was familial to that of Franklin's DNA and the victim's.

 Lonnie David Franklin Jr house in South LA were the arrest was made. 

Courtroom photo of now 58-year-old Franklin

This week in an even more shocking revelation the  LAPD released over 100 photographs and videos of women found in Franklin's home most of the even posing nude. Police hoped that somebody would recognize some of these women which could be potential victims. 
Up until now the LAPD has received hundreds of calls from people giving tips on some of women. LAPD identifies 21 of 160 women in Grim Sleeper suspects photos. 
For a full list of the 160 check out  Warning some of the pictures are creepy because some of the women look like they are dead. 

No justice in Mexico! 

Marisela Escobedo Ortiz, was killed  in Juarez recently by a masked man in revenge for wanting justice for her daughter. Rubi Frayre Escobedo was found murdered and dismembered in 2008. Her boyfriend Sergio Barraza, was the prime suspect. Barraza was arrested and later released because lack of evidence even though he confessed to the murder and told authorities where the body was to be found. Now how ridicules and corrupt can that be?? It is a shame that the criminal justice system in Mexico has to be so dirty. To add insult to injury the boyfriend joined the "Zetas" cartel right after his release. Talk about harsh. Read the rest of the story here

 30,000  have been killed in Mexico since 2008. 

Most inmates die on death row of suicide and other natural causes as opposed to being executed. 

John Levae Post was found dead in his cell in San Quinton's death row this week. The causes were unknown. It can take years for an inmate to come up for execution and the majority die before their date.   The last inmate to be executed in California's death row was Clarence Ray Allen and before him  was the infamous Crip co-founder Stanley Tookie Williams. 

From LA Times...Since capital punishment was reinstated in California, 52 condemned inmates have died from natural causes; 18 have committed suicide; 13 were executed in California; one was executed in Missouri; five have died from other causes; and one cause of death is unknown, corrections officials said.As of Dec. 21, 2010, there were 717 offenders on California’s death row, authorities said.

                                                                Clarence Rey Allen


                                                            Stanley Tookie Williams

Random Van brought back memories...

Asta la proxima.



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